Meet Alex

Alex started in the forage and feed distribution business in 2008 after identifying an unfulfilled need in his local equestrian market.  He saw that true quality product, thoughtfully sourced, reliably distributed, and fairly priced was not realized. To Alex, this opportunity was glaring, relevant and undeniably perfect. Starting small and grassroots, he began to shape a company that would soon be synonymous with the highest quality forage products in the United States and abroad.

To better understand his drive and success, it is best to start with his background. Growing up in Missouri as the son of a corporate marketing executive, Alex learned early the importance of properly marketing a product, no matter what it is. A childhood in the Midwest also amounted to lifelong connections with farming families which meant familiarity with farm operations and firsthand experience.  After moving to Wellington, Florida (colloquially known as the winter equestrian capital of the World) he quickly realized that he had a perspective that few others could rely upon: he had a hands-on understanding of both ends of the equine forage industry – the production and the consumption. This unique viewpoint, when combined with his undying commitment to marketing and supplying the finest quality products, has skyrocketed his company from a one-man show to a commercial wholesale & distribution enterprise operating on a global scale.

Over ten years later, Alex is still the face and heart of the business, and active in industry conversation and policy work. He proudly serves on the International Market Development and Membership Committee with the National Hay Association, and is a contributing member of the Palm Beach County Business Development Board’s Logistics Taskforce.

Personally, Alex enjoys adventuring with his two dogs (Beau and Piper), scuba diving, beach trips, motorcycles rides and everything else that sunny South Florida has to offer.

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