Meet Duane Christensen

Duane Christensen

Until the development of Southeast Hay Distributors, Duane’s career has taken him on a far different path from the equine industry. He graduated from Utah State University with a dual major of business and journalism, while serving as President of his graduating class. He worked his way through college by writing for the Herald-Journal in Logan, Utah and the Deseret News in Salt Lake City. Following college he was called to duty in the U. S. Army. After graduation from Officer Training School at Fort Lee, Va., he was named Post Information Officer, reporting directly to General George Peckam, Post Commander. He attained the rank of Captain.

Following military service Duane went to work for Phillips Petroleum Company as a salesman in the Sun Valley, Idaho area. One year later he was transferred to the Phillips headquarter offices in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and assigned to work in the Advertising and Sales Promotion Department. Soon he was named Marketing Director for all Phillips automobile motor oils.

Three years later Duane was recruited by a privately owned sales promotion firm in St. Louis, Maritz, Inc. Over a period of 34 years he held a variety of top management positions and, as Sr. Vice-President, helped the company grow from $6 million in revenues at the time he joined (with about 50 employees) to $1.6 billion (with 6000 employees) when he retired. During his Maritz career he worked with top client decision-makers at Fortune 500 level companies (Chevrolet, Buick, Standard Oil of California, Exxon, John Deere, Toyota) on sales promotion, training and business meeting projects to improve the performance of their people…leading to greater sales and market share.