Meet the Southeast Hay Team

teamThe foundation of every great company starts with its employees; the key players in the day-to-day operations. We are lucky to have a great team supporting us that include:

Alex Christensen – President and CEO

Alex Christensen


Jessica Rhinelander – Operations

Originally from the east coast of Canada, Jessica moved to south florida in 2013 where she was captivated by the sandy beaches and Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and over twenty years experience in the equestrian industry as a rider, coach and business owner. Jessica now brings her passion to all things horses to Southeast Hay Distributors.

Dr. Ajmal Shah – Business Development, Middle East & Far East Region

Dr Ajmal Shah is a veterinarian by profession and a marketing specialist in the Equine sectors  on the Gulf for the last 37 years. During the 80’s, he established himself as a pioneer in identifying and sourcing the right equine products by visiting manufacturers and producers around the world; Dr. Shah subsequently was one of the first to introduce Timothy hay, among other products, to the Gulf region.

His extensive marketing experience and network spans beyond UAE into other global markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. His extensive travels within the United States and Canada has made him well-versed with the hay and shavings industry and how it relates to the demands in the Middle East and Asian markets.

In his free time, Dr. Shah enjoys solving and improving agricultural supply chains for improved efficiencies, researching product development in emerging markets, traveling the globe to explore culture and cuisine (particularly in South East Asia), and visiting his children who reside in the UK and Australia.  


Dawn Davis – Business Development & Sales, Florida