Southeast Hay Export Services

Southeast Hay specializes in exporting the finest quality products to your door, no matter where you are in the world. We currently ship to the Caribbean, Middle East, and Far East and are always eager to develop relationships in new markets.

Export Finance Program

While shipping heavy cargo such as forage and grain, buyers and sellers are forced to move these commodities by steamship, a method notorious for slow transit times and numerous and unexpected delays. These delays can tie up working capital and inhibit cash flow for both the buyer and seller. Our export finance program enables us to custom tailor payment terms that suit each client’s unique needs. We encourage buyers of all sizes to apply for our competitive interest rates and credit terms. Grow your business, grow your sales, grow with us!

Use our form to request a quote or call Alex at 561-623-9009 x 801. Please be sure to include the following information in order for us to provide an accurate quote:

  • Destination port
  • Estimated volume per year
  • Preferred steamship line
  • CIF, CY origin of port, pricing requested
  • The nature of your business