Bedding Products

  • 100% Natural Southern Yellow Pine
  • Kiln dried for superior absorption
  • Natural enzymes neutralize odor
  • High fluff for maximum expansion
  • Triple screened to eliminate dust
  • Available in the following flake sizes:
Large FlakePine Shavings

The perfect mixture of larger and smaller flakes. Larger flakes provide higher fluff and comfort for your horse, while stall cleaning is easier thanks to the smaller flakes. Available in 8 or 12 cubic feet expanded

Premium Blend BeddingFive Star Premium flake

A blend of medium-sized pine flakes, providing cushion with greater ease for picking. Available in 8 or 12 cubic feet expanded.

Mini Flake BeddingFive Star Mini Flake Pine Shavings

Super absorbent and easy to pick our smallest flake works great alone or when combined with our medium or large flakes. Expands to 5.5 cubic feet.