2016 Alfalfa Hay Production Update

Summer Alfalfa2016 Summer Alfalfa is back and production is in full swing! With temperatures in the pacific southwest climbing, we’re sorting, stacking, and shipping a variety of grades of summer alfalfa. Summer hay yields a lower crude protein and RFV than alfalfa produced in late spring. Have any questions? Give us a call!
Here’s what we have available as of June 1st, 2016:

Bale Sizes Available:

  • Two Tie – 50LB in 21 bale bundles
  • Three Tie – 90-100LB 
  • 3x4x7.5′ HDP – 1200-1300LB

Quality Grades Available:

  • Premium – (All green, full leaf, fine to medium pliable stem)
  • Number One – (All green inside, possible stack bleach, good leaf with some shatter, fine to medium stem)
  • Number Two – (Green with some bleach, moderate leaf shatter, medium size stem, brittle)